PURE STOCK Racing Series by JRM

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PURE STOCK RACE SERIES by JRM: Wythe Raceway will host the eight race JRM Pure Stock series on the high banked 1/2 mile clay oval during the 2014 racing season. The first race is scheduled for April 26 with races on May 10 & 24: June 28; July 12 & 26; Aug 2 and Sept 6. JRM will award trophies for the feature winners and a Wythe Raceway Track Championship trophy to the points leader at the end of the eight race series. The JRM Pure Stock rules will allow area drivers from both asphalt and dirt to compete on one of the premier tracks in the nation. JRM Pure Street rules will be available soon and posted on WytheRaceWay.com and Facebook. Use the following link to add you profile and info about your race team, also add a photos of your car. http://wytheraceway.com/driver-profiles/submit-a-profile/

JRM Pure Stocks
#14 Travis Stoots, Marion
Crew Members:Jennifer Stoots, Duke Bare, Pie Shortt, Tonya Stoots, Ali Stoots, Austin Wetzel, Aspen Wetzel, Ehan davenport
Years In Racing:14
Sponsors:TNT Graphics, Duke Bare Racing, Robinson Rod Shop, Dennis Auto Machine
Family:Jennifer Stoots wife; Tonya Stoots Ali Stoots,Austin Wetzel and Aspen Wetzel kids
Job Info:Pretrial officer at Southwest VA Community Corrections
#17 Brad Ball,    Abingdon
Years In Racing:16
Sponsors:Brads Trading Post, Jerrys Roofing, Brad Ball Racing
Family:wife Karen, daughter Laken
Job Info:owner/operator of several businesses
Racing Accomplishments:2010 & 2012 lonesomepine raceway mod 4 track champion, about 30 wins over 50 poles
#19   Richard “Nitro” Mckendrick    Chesnee, SC
Car Owner:Mitch Sill
Crew Members: Mitch Sill, Kim McKendrick, Alex McKendrick Ricky White
3 Years In Racing
#4 Jake Phipps, Chilhowie, Va
Car Owner: Sam Phipps
Crew Members: Hunter Phipps – Crew Chief, Dalton Snider – PR, Mckinley Barr – Mechanic, Tim Fields – Motor Specialist
Years In Racing: 3
Sponsors: Widener Towing, Rouse’s Oil, Todd’s Fuel, Power’s Starter and Alternator, Greenway Creek Golf Course, Bradley’s Funeral Home, Duke Bare Racing
Family: Sam Phipps – Father, Misty Phipps – Mother, Hunter Phipps – Brother, Ma and Popa – Grandparents
Job Info: Student
Racing Accomplishments: 2012 UCAR2 Rookie of the Year, 2013 UCAR2 Points Runner-Up, 1 Feature Win
#52 Duke Bare the Virginia Bandit, Meadowview, VA
Crew Members:Pie, Russell, Red
Years In Racing:22 yrs
Sponsors:TNT Graphics, Spaztix Signs, Catch 22, Robinsons Rod Shop, Dennis Auto Machine, WD Performance
Family: Girlfriend-Pie, Daughters-Erica & Ali, Step-daughter-Hannah, Grandkids-Brody, Emma, Lou & Maddox
Job Info: Race car fabricator, Car chief
Racing Accomplishments:187 Feature wins, 8 track championships, 2 time Bristol Motor Speedway winner,
raced at 40 different tracks including Rockingham Speedway and Kentucky Speedway, 2 time Late Model Stock Car champion car chief.
5 Track Championships at Wythe Raceway.
#63 John McElrath, Nebo, NC
Car Owner: Bob mason
Crew Members: Harvey, whistle
Years In Racing:20
Family :kim, eve
Racing Accomplishments: 200 wins, 2 track championships, getting to race with Duke Bare
#69 Mike Breeding, Davenport. Va
Crew Members:billy Tj Cody Ej Aaron
Years In Racing: 34 yrs
Sponsors: Danny roofing,  car care,  breeding repair
Family:huge family that support me for a verry long time
Job Info:bcbs mechanic
Racing Accomplishments:2011 pure stock champ wva open outlaw wing champ 05 06 07
#7 Logan “Thrill Billy” Watson,
Crew Members: Randy “The Ram” Watson, Kevin “Whizzer” Watson
Years In Racing: 0
Sponsors: Watson Auto Inc., Galax, VA
Job Info: Active U S Navy
Racing Accomplishments: TBD
#7 Nathan Pierce,  Gaffney, SC
Car Owner: Nathan pierce
Crew Members: Will Taylor, Brooke, Amy, Paula
Years In Racing: 25
Family: Will, Brooke, Amy
Job Info: Retired
Racing Accomplishments: any and all 200 victories 3 championships
#81 Roby Orr, Glade Spring, Va
Crew Members: Pappy Bare, Joseph Heath
Years In Racing: 9
Sponsors: H&R Block Saltville, VA; Marks Body Shop; Saltville Auto Service; Smith’s Farms, Glade Spring, VA
Family: wife Leah, 2 children, Roby and Audrey
Job Info: UPS
Racing Accomplishments:17 wins; 2007 dirt modified rookie of the year;
2007 wythe raceway dirt modified national championship race winner;
held wythe raceway super street track record twice (2010, 2011)
Lonesome Pine raceway most wins 2013 pure street (7).
#82 Mike Ganoe, Richmond, VA
#83 Matthew Ford, Johnson City TN
Crew Members: Bucko crew chief, Wayne Ford, Erika Ford
Years In Racing:4 Years Racing with 16 years Experience
Sponsors:Dynamite Paint and Body, VA bandit racing,TNT race cars
Family: Erika Ford wife, Wayne Ford dad, Jensen Ford cousin
Job Info:owner @ dynamite paint and body
Racing Accomplishments: Wythe Raceway Track Champion with Jensen Ford in 2010
#89 Barry Thornton, Travelers Rest, SC
#96 Wade Day, Seymour, TN
Car Owner:Travis Stoots
Crew Members: Conner Day, Ethen Day, Rick Day
Years In Racing:24
Sponsors:Tnt Graphix,WD performance,Duke Bare Racing
Family:Conner ,Ethen, Allison, Jessica
Job Info: WD Performance
Racing Accomplishments: 1998 World Karting Association national champion
2000 Kingsport Speedway track champion
2000 Nascar Blue Ridge Region Champion
2002 Lonesome Pine track champion
2002 Nascar Atlantic Region Champion
A total of 59 Late Model Stock Car Feature wins
2004 Ran ASA National tour
2005 ISCAR (Formally Nascar Goodys Dash series) National Champion
2006 Crew Chief and driver coach for Trevor Bayne
2012 won Rev Oil Procup Series at Kingsport
14 Travis Stoots, Marion
17 Brad Ball,    Abingdon
19   Richard “Nitro” Mckendrick    Chesnee, SC
4 Jake Phipps, Chilhowie, Va
52 Duke Bare the Virginia Bandit, Meadowview, VA
63 John McElrath, Nebo, NC
69 Mike Breeding, Davenport. Va
7 Logan “Thrill Billy” Watson,
7 Nathan Pierce,  Gaffney, SC
81 Roby Orr, Glade Spring, Va
82 Mike Ganoe, Richmond, VA
83 Matthew Ford, Johnson City TN
89 Barry Thornton, Travelers Rest, SC
96 Wade Day, Seymour, TN

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